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Finance your Dream Estate

Found your Dream Estate on beautiful Corfu Island?

Don’t know where to start so you can finance part or the whole amount needed to finally own your dreamhouse with the sea-view? Here at we are at you service to complete in the best possible way the process of financing your estate!

Part of our free service to our customers is:

+  A no-cost pre-evaluation of your estate.

+  The gathering of all necessary paperwork to apply for a loan in a Greek Bank.

+  Communication with the Bank to receive loan-offers. In that way we can easily compare and find the best possible financing solution for your personal need and the particular estate you have chosen.

+  Explaining you in detail the financing – process.

+  Communicate directly with the bank to ensure that your application is reviewed promptly and effectively.

+  Inform you of all the fees involved.

+  Keep in touch with the Banks so we can inform you about change in interest rates. In that way we ensure that you receive the best rate at the time you receive you loan approval.

+  Payment grace period ranging to 24 months from the time your mortgage is funded.

+  The financing can be secured for the purchase of a plot of land, a completed house, the construction of a new house or even a restoration.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information!

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