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Taking good care of your wines.

The Greek islands are the traditional home of ancient grape varieties some of whose origins are lost in antiquity.

Winemaking is not something new to Greece. It has a tradition that goes back 3.000 years when Dionysus was worshipped as the god of wine and festivals took place in various parts of the country in his honor.

Before leaving for home we suggest you try some Greek wine and take a couple of bottles back home with you. You won’t regret it.

Wines are the result of natural fermentation under ideal conditions.

And as one of the oldest (founded in 1879) and largest wine producers in Greece – Boutaris – points out, wines are a living organism which is very sensitive and needs proper care.

From the time it is produced it continues to develop and ripen and that is why it needs special attention and proper conditions for preservation.

The proper storage and ripening of the wine is important in increasing its enjoyment. When the wine has ripened under proper condition, its ingredients create excellent analogy.

Thus its taste, its aroma, its color – all after a complete enjoyment which is a just reward for the effort. We should not forget that certain red wines live for decades – as long as there is the proper conditions.

What is needed, according to Boutaris, is a cool storage area, dark with a little humidity (not air conditioned which makes the air dry) and a temperature around 12 degrees Celsius which is considered ideal.

A dark corner, a closet, an area under staircases is considered proper areas for wine storage. We should also be sure that the bottles are placed horizontal so that the corks remain damp. This helps keep the cork loose and blocks the entering of oxygen which alters its contents.

The serving of an old wine from your own wine cellar is indeed impressive for you and your friends.

Be very careful, however, as the transporting and sudden movements are damaging to the sensitive wines.

The contents are altered and its quality is lowered. That is why the wine must be served with patience and with a steady flow filling 2/3 of the glass. In this manner, you will enjoy the aroma as well.

Wine should be served at room temperature and should not be chilled as this destroys the taste.

Wines are more tasteful if served with the right food. The color of the wines should be the same as the color of the food.

White wine should be served with white meat, sauces and fish red wine with red meat and sauces; and rose wine with all food and at all times.

Salads with vinegar alter the taste of the wine and cheeses overpower the wine’s taste. With red wines avoid sweets and fruits (except apples and pears).




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