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Io, the princess of Argos, was the priestess of Hera.

Zeus fell in love with her. In order to avoid Hera’s suspicions, he turned Io into a white heifer. The myth goes like this: Zeus was with Io in the clouds when Hera was looking for him, she saw him with Io.


Zeus pretended that he had never seen that cow before and offered Io as a present to Hera, who in turn sent her away having Argus – who had hundred eyes – to watch her. Zeus sent god Hermes, who lulled Argus to sleep and eventually killed him. After Io was free, she wandered trying to avoid Hera’s range.


So, the Ionian Sea was named after her wanderings in her attempt to escape. On her travels, she met Prometheus who told her that she would get back her human form again, but she would have been wandering for many years. Io’s wanderings finished to Nile, where she re-obtained her human nature and delivered her son, Epaphus. Many generations after him, Hercules was born and he was the one who set Prometheus free.


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